Your Evergreen House For Sale: The One That Matters!

Evergreen real estate is booming!

The overall market recovery has lit up and is rolling.  Seemingly overnight but certainly within the last 8 weeks there has been remarkable activity and an almost frenzied level of homes contracting.  It’s nice to see Buyers taking advantage of Evergreen’s relatively low pricing and the historically low mortgage rates. This might easily lull prospective home sellers into assuming they will automatically have a simple selling process, but housing upturn or not, it’s no time to go to sleep. In short, it’s still a good idea for area sellers to take as much care as ever before — especially when it comes to choosing a real estate agent to represent their property.


Don’t be afraid to ask every listing agent candidate for evidence that they have ample experience in selling area housing similar to yours. Experience will shape the marketing and all the other decisions that will be brought to bear on your behalf. Your home’s sale is no time to depend on trial and error!


From the moment you meet any candidate to list your home, look for the kind of confidence that will resonate with potential buyers. Housing choices are extremely important to every prospect. They are bound to feel more comfortable when the representation of their next home is in the hands of an obviously capable pro. If an agent doesn’t display those skills when you interview him or her, how likely are they to do so later on?


If all else looks good, do check into the candidate’s community ties. A real estate professional who has solid connections within the local community will provide instant exposure where it does the most good. And a lively website is more evidence that you’re headed toward a solid choice.
Don’t fear to be inquisitive when locating the local Realtor(r) to sell your home; the questions you ask will serve a double purpose: telling him or her that you are a focused client.


It can be very enlightening to GOOGLE your potential listing agent’s name.  What do the facts you see online tell you about the agent’s ability to sell your home?  Is he/she actively engaged in online marketing?   Is he/she a contributor in your community?  While many agents “fly under the radar” others can leverage a sphere of influence to spread the word of your home’s availability.

Looking for a place to start?  Let me interview first —  I’ll demonstrate how I can make your listing shine this spring and take advantage of the excitement in Evergreen right now!

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