It's hard to believe but Fall is just around the corner!  In Evergreen we've already heard the elk beginning their rut.  Their eerie screams announce that the aspens are about to turn golden!

There may be no better day trip than cruising through Soda Creek to see the aspens changing along the jack fences or following Upper Bear Creek toward Mount Evans.

If you have more time you might even head higher into the high country-- Crested Butte is well known as home to the largest aspen grove in the state and an early morning drive along Kebler Pass is nothing short of awe inspiring!

Use this interactive Fall Foliage map compliments of to get a handle on your weekend plans!

If you're heading south you simply must see Kenosha Pass at its peak!  Just a few minutes south of Conifer on US 285, past Bailey and along the Colorado Trail is a spectacular display of aspens changing.  Couple the foliage viewing with a mountain bike ride along a single track bed of aspen leaves and you'll have a memory for life!