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Making Evergreen Real estate stand out from the crowdYour home is remarkable and will be a dream come true for the next owner.  But finding the very best buyer requires more than only putting the home in the MLS.  Now more than ever who you work with matters to maximize your home sale.  Clients who choose me benefit from an established marketing system for generating massive visibility of best in class imagery, incubating interest with an enthusiastic work ethic,  a consultative negotiating style and a proven ability to bring transactions to closing.  I leverage relationships built during decades of living in and selling homes in Conifer, market knowledge and negotiating abilities to encourage offers and then sculpt those offers into the best contracts from the best buyers.

My track record of effectively applying large advertising budgets, engaging video production, state of the art marketing technologies and techniques along with a consistent, tried and true approach to selling your home based on a mastery of the fundamentals of marketing helps sellers net more than they could anywhere else.

The best results come from the best marketing.  I'm a marketing enthusiast and apply motivated expertise with the three P's of marketing:

The 3 P's: Product, Price, Promotions 

1. Product 

Of course, the product is your home and to sell for the most we position it to look its very best.  I'll help you understand if there are any areas that would benefit from improvement or if we simply need to accentuate the positives.  Once I understand your timeline better I'll schedule Tina Beebe Clarke of Northstar Interior Design to provide a staging consultation to make sure the home shines in its best light! Likewise, if you need help with any projects to prepare the home for market we'll tap into my network of service providers to help you have a great experience getting things ready to go. There's a great opportunity to improve the value simply by designing the interior better than it was when you bought it!

2. Price 

Your home is so unique it should command a price higher than the recent sales indicate because of the combination of world class views, privacy and the unique and appealing architecture and design.  I'll dig deep to use not only recent sales but also my direct experience with selling homes in COnifer Mountain and throughout the Foothills to help you choose a price designed to attract the very best buyer for your home.  Click the image to interact with the graph.

The average of the adjusted comparables is what I refer to as the "Statistically Supportable Price"  the price that when marketed to the broadest segment of the buyer pool, educated buyers in the market will easily recognize your home is  a compelling value.

  Be sure to click into each of the comparables so you can see my notes and individual adjustments.  This gives you the background of how and why I came up with the recommended price..

3. Promotions 

My passion and enthusiasm for promoting real estate differentiates me from the typical, successful real estate practitioner.  Creating the "buzz" and synergy for my listings is accomplished through a refined and heavily tested system of combining social media with the traditional real estate marketing techniques.  

The more ready, willing and able buyers that see your home the faster it will sell and the more they will sell for.  I use every effective marketing channel to make sure to cast a broad net of engaging information so that prospects see your properties everywhere they look!

We literally receive 10x more visibility and traffic than other homes on the market at the same time.

Not only do I deploy best practices when syndicating to the most trafficked websites available but you benefit from multiple custom, robust and engaging web pages engineered to capture buyer interest.  I'll be promoting the unique and compelling facts about your home in various formats to highlight and accentuate the positives.  Effectively retargeting and fostering all interest in your home, 


I take the time and make the effort of a true marketing specialist to describe your properties with enticing words, captivating photos and descriptive tools like floor plans, 3d scans, video, creative imagery and more.

I know that every home has its own unique story. Homebuyers care about that story. I broadcast that story far and wide! 

Merging all these techniques into an easily accessible and comfortable format helps us tell your home's story in a way that buyers want to pay attention to.

 Social Marketing

How do I get Buyers to see it? I employ SEVERAL different strategies, but chief among them is Facebook, GOOGLE, Instagram and Youtube Marketing. 

 Social is only getting bigger!

I AM the Conifer market leader in social media real estate advertising.

Sellers who choose me are uniquely positioned with the highest levels of visibility among targeted prospects!  I employ state of the art targeting techniques that other brokerages can't figure out  - while my clients are benefiting from exponentially boosted traffic.


among targeted audiences 

By generating engaging content I'm able to stop people from scrolling past and increase the likelihood of finding the buyer who will click on the link, set up a showing and ultimately buy the home.

Professional Photography

 Geoff Llerena is a heavily sought after and remarkable photographer. He is a student of his industry and alway applying the latest and most attractive technologies with a high level of skill and care to make my homes shine!

Regardless, I have no hesitation guiding him to compose shots that I think will be the most likely to grab prospects attention.

The driving factor behind my demand for great photography is the underlying belief that the very best buyer is out there somewhere--maybe  Evergreen, but maybe Boston, maybe Sacramento or Austin- browsing Zillow or Facebook or watching a Youtube video and I want to stop them from scrolling past with great imagery!

By catching people's attention I'm creating more demand for each of my listings-- across every price range.  

A great photographer and excellent cropping stops scrollers in their tracks!

HD Home Video Tours

Video is all the rage, especially on social media. I'll produce high-quality, full resolution, professional videos showing off the features of your home.  Showcasing the home, highlighting the positives and optimizing the promotion of the video to make sure you get the most visibility among potential buyers. I vary the formats and publish to Facebook Reels, Stories and Posts, on Instagram, Reels and Stories and on Youtube, shorts as well as long form Bobs Top 5 long form videos.

My videos get a tremendous amount of visibility on multiple platforms online and engagement like no other promotional technique.

When you choose me as your marketing expert you see huge gains in visibility from intrigued audiences.  


Drone Photography

Just about every home looks better from the sky.  At the very least it's an interesting perspective that captures buyers attention. 

Especially if your property has intriguing privacy and great views! The drone videos really accentuate that!

Buyers want to see rich media... and lots of it.

In addition to top quality photography and compelling video, Your home will be displayed with 3D scan technology giving potential buyers an engaging way to explore your home before they even visit Conifer.

Several of our offers come from prospects that used the pictures, floor plans, videos and 3d scans to get comfortable with the property even from across the country. 

I'm committed to implementing all effective platforms as they come available to make sure your properties benefit from the leading edge tech in the market.

Zillow Placement

Social media is great and it gets amazing results.  But there's no doubt that Zillow is the market leader in real estate search and advertising right now:

Because of this, I have committed to a close relationship with Zillow--having been a trainer and customer of their services for over 12 years.  As Zillow has evolved and changed into a solid leader in promoting listings I have continuously refined and mastered the approach to positioning my listings so they consistently appear most often in search results.  Listings that appear in the top left get significantly more views than anywhere else.  You benefit from exponentially more visibility than if the listing is "below the fold" or even worse--on the second page of results.

My listing consistently get more visibility than the competition for a wide variety of reasons and dominate Zillow searches in Conifer with top placement among buyers from all over the world searching for a property in Conifer!

That kind of commitment to generate the highest level of traffic for my listings is palpable and creates real results in the form of showings, interest and offers.  In the case of a recent listing at the bottom of Bear Mountain: 4831 Forest Hill we had:

400+ at the open house | 190 showings | 52 offers | Smooth Reliable Closing

I understand people don't go to Facebook, Instagram or Youtube to buy a home. But people who are buying homes ARE on social media.

More than once, I've heard stories like: "We weren't looking to buy a home, but we saw your listing on Facebook and realized we had to have it".

Results = Unique Buyer Lead Generation

By combining all of the strategies above, we get consistent and reliable results.

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