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Get To Know Each Other


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Get To Know Each Other

Why are you choosing Evergreen? Bob really wants to get to know you and learn why it’s a place you will love to call home. Having worked in the area since 1996, Bob will share everything you’ll want to know about being a resident here. He'll give you the uncensored and exhaustive breakdown of the Evergreen way of life.

Uncover What Area Is Best For You

When searching for a new home it’s easy to be distracted by nice features within the home. Bob gets it, that’s the fun part. But he wants you to consider a lot more than those nice features, like: How long are you willing to commute? What schools are best for your kids? How much can you afford? Do you want lots of land? Maybe a mountain view? These factors will help you and Bob determine which parts of Evergreen are best for you. Bob frequently will even draw up a map of Evergreen to help highlight the best areas for you on a self-guided drive based on your needs and interest. This will give you tremendous scope and have you feeling confident you’re choosing the right area.


Narrow Down The Homes In That Area Based On Your Preference & Needs

Once you've decided which areas are best for you and what some of your non-negotiables are, Bob will pull up the homes that fit your tightened criteria. Together, you’ll consider each location--maybe take a look at the satellite view of each home walking through many specifics, like if the home is north or south facing, what the snow removal might look like, how the location affects your enjoyability, etc. Bob will make you aware of the pros and cons of each home, including ones that would likely go unnoticed if they weren’t discussed. Bob's goal during this process is to help you narrow down your options to only those candidates that are best suited for you.  This way you feel confident you're seeing the best of the best when we view the homes in person.

Take A Drive & View Homes

This is where the fun begins. Bob will take you on a drive around Evergreen stopping at each home on your list. Along the way, he'll point out different Evergreen attractions, inform you about events and activities that go on in the area and how you can get involved and become a part of the community if you're interested. He'll give you some personal insight on his favorite trails, the best place to get a good steak, and maybe point out a great place to catch a trout or see the elk.

During the viewing process, he’ll help you narrow down your options to the top contenders. He’ll help you recognize the value of each home and what gives it that value. Bob will even highlight some potential challenges of each home as you visit; like how a dirt road or steep driveway can affect value, how far are you are from the grocery store… things that may be overlooked during the buying process but ultimately affect your day to day enjoyment as a homeowner. You need to be aware of everything a home has to offer to make an informed decision. It’s Bob's goal to make that happen.

Find Your Dream Mountain Home & Don't Settle For Anything Less

You finally find the perfect home that’s in the best area and even has the beautiful mountain view you were hoping for. So the deal is done, right? Not quite. In a perfect world, you’ll make an offer and there will be no other offers or counter-offers, but Bob been in real estate long enough to know this doesn’t happen every time. Luckily for you, he'll help you position yourself to get the best deal possible, regardless of the situation.  He’ll help you recognize when to be in "procurement mode" or when to negotiate for a discount from the list price. He'll help you realize when the house is underpriced so we can act quickly and make an offer, and he’ll help you negotiate based on what you both believe the home is worth. Ultimately, you are dictating the direction that's taken but Bob will empower you with all the information needed to make the best choices regardless of market conditions.


Join The Evergreen Community!

You did it. You found your dream home and it’s time to move in. If you’re new to the area you’ll likely be feeling a little anxious. Bob totally understands. Having helped hundreds buy in the area, Bob can assure that you aren't the first to feel this way and that you’ll be joining a wonderful community. But, if you need a little help diving in, navigating the area or are just looking for some tips on mountain pastimes, Bob's your guy. You can turn to him as a resource during and after the process for more than just your real estate needs. All you have to do is give him a call.  He loves introducing people to the many open spaces, miles of rivers or secret powder stashes on the slopes!


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