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Making 26176 Sweetbriar  stand out with Real Marketing

Making Evergreen Real estate stand out from the crowdMany sellers can see through the hype of old school real estate techniques and turn to me to make sure they're using best in class marketing resources to net the most from their home sale in Evergreen.  Marketing real estate is more challenging than it's been in recent history--even though inventory is light and resources for promotions are seemingly endless it takes more than a sign, the MLS and a few Facebook posts to sell homes now days.

My full-time marketing team and I use large budgets, tested advertising campaigns, state of the art marketing technologies and techniques (that work) along with a consistent, tried and true approach to selling your home based on a mastery of the fundamentals of marketing: 

The 3 P's 

1. Product 

Your house and how we can work together to make it stand out among the competition.  

2. Price 

I'll help you analyze the comparable recent sales as well as current competition to help you recognize the best price at which your home will sell in today's market.  I'll apply my direct and recent experiences with similar homes in Evergreen luxury homes to help you be confident in the most accurate pricing strategy.   When we develop a pricing strategy together you can trust we have come to an accurate listing price for your home. My goal is for you to be sure that we obtained top dollar for your home. Being a resident expert in Evergreen makes this process go smoothly, as I have direct experience in what works in here and throughout the Foothills.

These are the most current comparable sales and competition to your home:

This is every home that has sold in Sunset Ridge in the last 2 years and the one active:

Overall, with the lack of direct competition to your newer, well kept, stylish home the market reveals a gap in supply at and around $740,000 and the market supports that overall price.

3. Promotions 

This is where the magic happens.  The more ready, willing and able buyers that see your home the faster it will sell and the more it will sell for.  I use every effective marketing channel to make sure to cast a broad net of engaging information so that prospects can see your home everywhere!

Syndicating Evergreen listings

I make sure your home stands out from the crowd, by raising the bar when it comes to promoting and advertising your home.

Not only do deploy best practices when syndicating to the most trafficked websites available but you'll benefit from multiple custom, robust and engaging web pages engineered to capture buyer interest.  Allowing me to promote the unique and compelling facts about your home in various formats to highlight and accentuate the positives of your home.  Effectively retargeting and fostering all interest in your home, 

More Eyes=More Money

How I do it

Professional Photography

Your home will benefit from compelling photography from a talented industry leader.  I have no hesitation rejecting pictures that don't make the cut.  The leading images are integral to attracting prospects and beginning the process of converting online interest to showings and ultimately offers and the sale. 

Drone Photography

Just about every home looks better from the sky.  At the very least it's an interesting perspective that captures buyers attention. 

Professional Imagery when Appropriate 

I'll apply my expertise to generate graphics that accentuate the positives of your home highlighting the land and it's proximity to the neighbors.

HD Home Video Tours - "Bob's Top 5 Reasons"

Video is all the rage, especially on social media. I produce high-quality, full resolution, professional videos for my listings.  Showcasing the home, highlighting the positives and optimizing the promotion of the video to make sure your home gets the most visibility among potential buyers.

When you choose me as your marketing expert you'll see huge gains in visibility of your home from intrigued audiences.   I'll  host, narrate and promote your "Bob's Top 5 video": 

Bob's Top 5 reasons to love your home!

Click Here for More Examples

Buyers want to see rich media... and lots of it.

In addition to top quality photography and compelling video, Your home will be displayed in an amazing 3D scan technology giving potential buyers an engaging way to explore your home before they even visit Evergreen.

I've partnered with the right professionals and invested in the newest technologies to make sure your home has every advantage over the competition.  I'm committed to exploring new methods and new platforms as they come available to make sure your home is at the leading edge of the marketplace--and the top of the list!

Painting the Picture


Your home is unique and your marketing must reflect that to attract the discerning buyers that will recognize the nuances that make your home special.  I take the time and make the effort of true marketing specialists to describe your home with enticing words, captivating photos and descriptive tools like floor plans, 3d scans, video, close up "macro" imagery and more.

I know that your home has its own unique story. Homebuyers in Evergreen care about that story. I Broadcast that story far and wide! 

Merging all these techniques into an easily accessible and comfortable format helps us tell your home's story in a way that buyers want to pay attention to.

Our Beautifully User-Friendly Website

One of the big reasons I'm able to attract so much attention to my clients' homes is because I have terrific flexibility and control over the presentations on our websites and landing pages.  The MLS, listing portals, and most broker sites all pretty much follow the same standard formatting.  On the local MLS or Zillow, there is little freedom to change the content or descriptions. On, the shackles have been released and we're free to show your home the way buyers want to envision it.  This gives us the power and flexibility to accentuate the unique and compelling positives of your home.

But none of that matters if nobody sees the description, photos, and videos!

 Facebook MarketingEvergreen real estate marketing on Facebook

How do we get Buyers to our website to see it? I employ SEVERAL different strategies, but chief among them is Facebook Marketing. 

 Facebook is only getting bigger - in fact, it's said that it's even bigger than Google! 

I AM the Evergreen market leader in Facebook real estate advertising.

Using Facebook to sell Evergreen homes 

My listings are uniquely positioned with the highest levels of visibility among targeted prospects!  I employ state of the art targeting techniques that other brokerages can't figure out  - while my clients are benefiting from exponentially boosted traffic.


among targeted audiences!By generating engaging content I'm able to stop people from scrolling past and increase the likelihood of finding the buyer who will click on the link, set up a showing and ultimately buy the home.

Saturation Level Promotions Based on A Commitment to What Works 

Many of my marketing successes have come after a seller tried a different broker and the home expired after a failed, poorly executed marketing plan.  

Armed with the confidence of consistent results- rather than give up on a challenging sale I analyze my promotions, test my ad performance and double down on the best performing formats to drive visibility and traffic.

The Facebook ads to the right are thirteen examples of how I tweak and adjust the creative ads and audiences and add budgets as appropriate to make sure we find the best buyer for every home.

In this case more than 151,463 views of my ads were generated with large advertising budgets and targeted audiences.

With my system and the transparency of real reports you'll benefit from knowing that potential buyers are seeing the compelling information about your home.

I understand people don't go to Facebook to buy a home. But people who are buying homes are on Facebook.

More than once, I've heard stories like: "We weren't looking to buy a home, but we saw your listing on Facebook and realized we had to have it".

Results = Unique Buyer Lead Generation

Visibility equals new leads for your home

Zillow Placement

Facebook is great and it gets amazing results.  But there's no doubt that Zillow is the market leader in real estate search and advertising right now:

Because of this, I have committed to a close relationship with Zillow--having been a trainer and customer of their services for nearly 10 years.  As Zillow has evolved and changed into a solid leader in promoting listings I have continuously refined and mastered the approach to positioning my listings so they consistently appear most often in search results.  Listings that appear in the top left get significantly more views than anywhere else.  You'll have exponentially more visibility than if the listing is "below the fold" or even worse--on the second page of results.

These are screenshots of actual Zillow reports I've taken showing my listings clearly beating the competition.

My listings dominate the Foothills with top placement among buyers from all over the world searching in Evergreen!

That kind of commitment to generate the highest level of traffic for our listings is palpable and creates real results in the form of showings, interest and offers.  

The more qualified eyes that see your home the faster it will sell and for the best price!

By combining all of the strategies above, we get REAL results for my clients. 

Real Results

Here's a snapshot of my most recent high-end sales:

Read Actual Client Reviews

I take great pride in delivering a high level of service to my clients that not only meets but exceeds their expectations. But don't just take my word for it, see and read what my clients have to say in their own words.

Click here to read more client reviews!

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