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Smart Buyers Pay Less With These Homes Moving into the Sweet Spot

Bob Maiocco

I love Colorado and it shows! I am so grateful to be living my dream...

I love Colorado and it shows! I am so grateful to be living my dream...

Feb 6 2 minutes read

We all want to know we'll get the best value when buying a home.  That value comes in a variety of different ways.  In Evergreen right now, in some price ranges value can be simply procuring a home "winning" during a multiple offer scenario, in others it may be to negotiate a sizable reduction from the list price.  The key to a good real estate experience is to know which is appropriate.

Some might think a “price improvement” holds a bad connotation -On one hand the market rejected the first pricing strategy (assuming the home was marketed effectively).  However, the new price might put it in a sweet spot --representing an opportunity to get a great value.  

Even if the price isn't quite right yet it can represent that the seller is receptive to finding the "deal".

If you’re a motivated buyer looking for a great deal on a home in Evergreen price reductions can be a great place to start. I combed through all the homes in our area with lowered prices this week and the ones below are the ones I think you should start with!  Here are my top 5!  I included the home on High Drive even though it's a Morrison address since it is so close to Bear Mountain and Evergreen Highlands.   -Bob

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