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How Your Housing Situation Is Affecting Your Love Life

Bob Maiocco

I love Colorado and it shows! I am so grateful to be living my dream...

I love Colorado and it shows! I am so grateful to be living my dream...

Feb 3 5 minutes read

In honor of Valentine’s Day coming up, I’ve put together some (maybe tongue and cheek) unofficial facts of whether your current living situation is putting a dent in your family life.  I've included some wonderful, loving imagery from couples tying the knot in Evergreen as captured by Mallory Munson the 

Colorado Wedding Photographer

 Does hiking together = happy marriage ? Is living in  suburbia affecting your romantic potential? Does the number of elk you see help you bond at a deeper level? 

See if you should move before you make a move on your crush.

 Bob's Unofficial Relationship Stats 


of people prefer to be with a partner that is  happy 


of couples who hike together stay together


 of people look more attractive with a goggle tan


of married people are happier on days they see elk


of mountain lovers get grumpy in the burbs

Dealbreaker #1

Suburbia Crushes Your Spirit

Highlands Ranch has its time in life.  Sure it's convenient, there's a Starbucks within a mile at all times and there are very nicely maintained sidewalks.  But is it the Colorado you want to live in?  Your sense of adventure, mountain style and love for the Rockies yearns to be reflected in your daily environment.  My unofficial poll is that 100% of people who drive by 35 homes, on their street, on the way to their garage door are unsatisfied.  Great relationships advance in great environments.  You've paid your dues.  Come up the hill!


Attractor #1

Live Your Adventurous Life

Playing is a great way to keep things light, fun and to disconnect from the daily grind and reconnect in love.  Living in a place of countless nearby fun things to do makes it more likely to get out and play!  With tons of open spaces in town you can ride bikes right from your garage. Experience nature every day. Echo Mountain is only a few minutes away allowing quick access for hot laps after work.  Fly fishing on Upper Bear Creek can give you the smile of the tug-tug trout minutes from the front door!  Mountain biking, snowshoeing, rock climbing, hiking, resort skiing much closer, trail running, basically every mountain pastime so close to Evergreen--living here makes everyone happier and happy people attract happy people!  


Dealbreaker #2

Mowing Instead of Laughing?

Mountain living comes with some great intangibles!  For example most homes in Evergreen don't have manicured landscaping to the extent that you'll be spending time mowing your lawn.  That will free you up to take the kids fishing, go try a day date on stand up paddle boards around the lake or rent fat bikes and pedal through the forest.  Fresh air, bright sunshine and big smiles makes for a happy family.


Dealbreaker #3

Boring Date Nights

Your best self isn't defending your space in a crowded bar or becoming a regular at a restaurant.  Relationships thrive when success is gauged more by days on the hill or miles hiked, birds seen and blue skies experienced.  Finding the perfect rock to sit on together and discuss the future naturally leads to a better experience.


Attractor #2

 Mountain Homeownership = Seeking Happiness

Typically owning a home shows that you aren't afraid of commitment and that you've achieved some semblance of financial security. According to the survey, 43% of unmarried adults in the U.S. said that owning a home is not necessarily an indication of someone's desire to be married or serious. A move to the mountains is a recognition of prioritizing quality of life over wasting valuable years in the same home as your neighbors' four doors down but a different color...  The equity you've gained in the last several years can very likely get you into a custom home in Evergreen with countless sources of smiles all around.


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