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How to Tackle Your Evergreen Super Bowl Party (+ 3 Recipes You'll Definitely Want to Make)

Bob Maiocco

I love Colorado and it shows! I am so grateful to be living my dream...

I love Colorado and it shows! I am so grateful to be living my dream...

Jan 20 4 minutes read

The biggest game of the year is approaching and you’re hosting, but are you completely prepared for “Super Bowl Sunday”?

Whether you’re cheering for The Patriots or the other team, or you’re just here to watch Maroon 5 rock it out at half-time, these tips will help you get your home ready for all the food, fun, and guests that come along for the party!

Plus, read until the end to find some of our favorite Super Bowl Sunday recipes and Bob's easy alternatives!

Get Your Home Ready

When you are preparing for a lot of guests to come over, the first room you’ll want to tidy up is your entryway. Especially after as much snow as we've recieved lately!  Be sure to clear the walk and remove ice or sand it thoroughly. Make it easy for guests to leave their shoes and hang up coats. If you don’t have a traditional entryway, you can find an inexpensive coat rack.

The next room to prep for Super Bowl Sunday is your family room or living room where the action happens. It all starts with a great TV!  Take a look at the highest ratings among 200+ trials:  Best TV's For the Super Bowl.  Make sure the speakers are working if you have them, and have the correct channel ready to go. You will also want to make sure you have enough space for people to sit around the TV. Asides from your couch, you may want to add some folding chairs, ottomans, or even pillows or some Love Sacs for floor seating! 

Get your decorations ready

If you want to create a festive and fun environment, you can find napkins, plates, silverware, and other party favors in both team's colors.  I encourage you to continue wearing your Broncos gear in anticipation of their return to greatness soon.  You can also dress up your food for the occasion by having team-colored snacks and football-shaped foods. Remember Samuel Adams was a great Patriot and continues his legacy with quality beer--an easy way to be subtly festive!


Get Your Evergreen Kitchen Ready

Even though the main point of this party is the Super bowl, there’s a lot of action taking place in the kitchen too.  Specially without the Broncos in the game it's likely that a big chunk of your guests don't really care that much about the game.  So you definitely need to have this room ready! Clean up your table or counter space to ensure there is enough room for all of the snacks and drinks. Also, have an area set up with plastic silverware as well as napkins and paper plates. 

If you have guests with food allergies or dietary restrictions be sure to have an area for foods just for them, this is something they will definitely appreciate. We have a peanut allergy in our family and it definitely makes us conscious!  You will also want to empty your trash can before your guests arrive so there is plenty of room to throw away garbage (hopefully this will reduce the clean up after the game too!)

Game Day Recipe Ideas

Mini Mac Sliders 

What if you could make your own massive Big Mac — and easily break it up into mini sliders to share with your squad? This Behemoth Mac is the result.

Bob's easy alternative: White Castle Sliders!  The original! 

Full Recipe

Recipe & photo credit: Delish

Pepperoni Cheese Ball 

This Pepperoni Pizza Football Cheese Ball is my new favorite thing! Along with pretty much anything lese with a ton of pepperoni...  Super easy to make and a total showstopper! Make this and watch the crowd go wild!

Full Recipe

Photo credit:

Grilled Cheese Bloody Marys

This year we’re thankful for delicious & creative cocktails! 🙌  Along the lines of the world class Bloody Mary's at Arapaho Basin's 6th Alley Bar: these are as much an appetizer as a beverage.

Serve your libations with an added snack this game day!

Full Recipe

Recipe & photo credit:


You may want to have a second room with a second television going for the youngsters who are more interested in gaming than the game!

Make sure that your bathroom is clean and well stocked with hand soap, hand towels, tissues, and other toiletries your guests may need. You can also put a sign up pointing to the bathroom to point your guests in the right direction without being bothered about where it is every few minutes.

Need to clean before your guests come over?

Check out our 9-step cleaning checklist!  Or message me and I'll share my Evergreen housekeeper with you!

I'm Ready to Clean
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